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Our Philosophy: Be Your Selfie+

The foreword is backward. You design your dream brand & hit play.

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the Prelude

the Vision

Everyone from Detroit knows about Detroit pride. What better way to show community connections than to be engulfed within it? This is Detroit's first community canvas - soon to be a world transformational tool to bring communities together, and set the stage for small businesses to flourish into the futures they want. Suite Storees is the stepping stone for game-changing entrepreneurs in the making, for people to be in positive spirits, for creatives to find home and to bring a little more thought into play. Feel good feelings are rediscovered here. Because just like in life's canvas, your art is that you are art.

Suite Storees is a dynamic media and entertainment company for creatives + influencers for local communities. My vision is to connect, and cultivate our communities through dynamic media platforms, experiential marketing, and immersive creativity culture and connections. 

the Roots

Go Where You Grow. is the motto of Suite Storees. It is descriptive for a location that's around us and within us. At Suite Storees, it is essential it be an environment of growth, one where all the dirt is welcomed. Come as you are. Bloom into who you are meant to be.